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A girl who has decided to have her baby should be under the care of an obstetrician, preferably someone with experience in working with adolescents.

Visits to the doctor’s office will be scheduled every two to four weeks through week number thirty-three.

“A great deal of envy and resentment often emerges,” says Dr. Indications of emotional conflicts should be brought to the obstetrician’s attention no less promptly than you would report a physical ailment.

A fullservice practice might have a mental-health counselor available.

Teens in each generation develop a language of their own based on what is going on in teen culture.

Teen slang is constantly changing, especially in fast-paced communication via text and social media.

Naturally the number of programs will vary widely, depending on where they live.

But compared to a generation ago, you’re liable to be happily surprised at how much help may be waiting.

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Here are some examples: Few school programs offer all of these features. You’ll most likely wind up cobbling together several services from a variety of government and private resources, such as: When a baby is born out of wedlock and it is clear that the parents have no intention of marrying, too often the father is instantly absolved of his obligations toward both mother and child.

Yet the mid-1990s witnessed a rise in the percentage of teenagers who smoked throughout their pregnancy—one in six, at last count.

Parents of the parent-to-be play an important role in ensuring the unborn child’s well-being.

But compared to adults, adolescents are more likely to lack sufficient stores of iron and other nutrients.

During pregnancy, those nutrients go selectively to the baby.

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