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Speaking as an ardent feminist, I expect that this will have many wonderful results: a culture that is more feng shui and emotionally literate and altogether nicer, and an economy that benefits from unleashing the phenomenal energy and talents of British women who are — if GCSEs, A-levels and university entrance results mean anything — currently giving the male sex a good old intellectual thrashing.Obviously a neanderthal corner of my heart worries about some aspects of the coming feminisation.But that really is not a bad thing; don’t mind what society thinks/says. Davina ——————————————————————————————— TO ALL DD READERS…. You can send your “Dear Davina’ letters to me directly @ [email protected]

If you have a sudden surge in the number of highly educated women — more women than men — then it is not surprising that you have a fair few Bridget Jones-type characters who are having a tough job finding Mr Darcy.I was half asleep in the front seat the other day, coming back from some exhausting tour of an educational establishment, and in the back seat were two twentysomething female graduates. They don't understand that we need them to be more masculine, and instead they have just copped out."I am afraid that, at this point, I copped out myself, and slid into unconsciousness.They were talking about men, so I tried to focus, while keeping my eyes cunningly half closed. But before I went under I thought, hmmm, this is interesting; and I think back to that conversation as I read that women continue their astonishing dominance of university admissions. Women now make up 57 per cent of university entrants, and they outnumber men in every subject — including maths and engineering.I’ve seen several instances where couples split after a few years/months, citing “incompatibility” as reason for divorce… Part 5 – A Pratical Guide for the Lady seeking a Husband Meanwhile, your other ‘married men’ suitors are really not eligible so that option is definitely out of the question.And I’m wondering, Ok, didn’t y’all notice you weren’t compatible before you took those vows??? Good thing you already mentioned that you don’t want to marry another woman’s husband.

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