Procedure liquidating a company

The total amount of extensions of credit by a bank holding company which invests in an export trading company, when combined with all such extensions of credit by all the subsidiaries of such bank holding company, to an export trading company shall not exceed at any one time 10 per centum of the bank holding company’s consolidated capital and surplus. 111–203, § 623(b)(1)(B), substituted “insured depository institution” for “savings association”.

For purposes of the preceding sentence, an extension of credit shall not be deemed to include any amount invested by a bank holding company in the shares of an export trading company.

Except as provided in paragraph (6), no insured depository institution controlled by the acquiring bank holding company has received 1 of the 2 lowest composite ratings at the later of the institution’s most recent examination or subsequent review.

activities that are permissible under subsection (c)(8), as determined by the Board by regulation or order thereunder, subject to all of the restrictions, terms, and conditions of such subsection and such regulation or order; and such other activities as are otherwise permissible under this section, subject to the restrictions, terms and conditions, including any prior notice or approval requirements, provided in this section.

The Board may further extend the period with the agreement of the bank holding company submitting the notice pursuant to this subsection.

In the event a hearing is requested or the Board determines that a hearing is warranted, the Board may extend the notice period provided in this subsection for such time as is reasonably necessary to conduct a hearing and to evaluate the hearing record.

No notice under paragraph (1) of this subsection or under subsection (c)(8) or (a)(2)(B) is required for a proposal by a bank holding company to engage in any activity, other than any complementary activity under subsection (k)(1)(B), or acquire the shares or assets of any company, other than an insured depository institution or a company engaged in any complementary activity under subsection (k)(1)(B), if the proposal qualifies under paragraph (4).

At the time of the transaction, the acquiring bank holding company, its lead insured depository institution, and insured depository institutions that control at least 90 percent of the aggregate total risk-weighted assets of insured depository institutions controlled by such holding company are well managed. 111–203, § 354(2)(A)(ii)(II), substituted “Comptroller of the Currency or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation” for “Director” in two places.

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In the case of any notice to engage in, or to acquire or retain ownership or control of shares of any company engaged in, any activity pursuant to subsection (c)(8) or (a)(2) or in any complementary activity under subsection (k)(1)(B) that has not been previously approved by regulation, the Board may extend the notice period under this subsection for an additional 90 days.

The Board shall include in its annual report to the Congress a description and a statement of the reasons for approval of each activity approved by it by order or regulation under such paragraph during the period covered by the report.

To the extent that such action would not be substantially at variance with the purposes of this chapter and subject to such conditions as it considers necessary to protect the public interest, the Board by order, after opportunity for hearing, may grant exemptions from the provisions of this section to any bank holding company which controlled one bank prior to , and has not thereafter acquired the control of any other bank in order (1) to avoid disrupting business relationships that have existed over a long period of years without adversely affecting the banks or communities involved, or (2) to avoid forced sales of small locally owned banks to purchasers not similarly representative of community interests, or (3) to allow retention of banks that are so small in relation to the holding company’s total interests and so small in relation to the banking market to be served as to minimize the likelihood that the bank’s powers to grant or deny credit may be influenced by a desire to further the holding company’s other interests. 375b] and any regulation prescribed under any such section. 1971 et seq.] in connection with any transaction involving the products or services of such company or affiliate and those of such institution, as if such company or affiliate were a bank and such institution were a subsidiary of a bank holding company.

No bank holding company or subsidiary of such company which invests in an export trading company may extend credit to such export trading company or to customers of such export trading company on terms more favorable than those afforded similar borrowers in similar circumstances, and such extension of credit shall not involve more than the normal risk of repayment or present other unfavorable features.

may engage in or hold shares of a company engaged in the business of underwriting, selling, or distributing securities in the United States only to the extent that any bank holding company which invests in such export trading company may do so under applicable Federal and State banking laws and regulations; and may not engage in agricultural production activities or in manufacturing, except for such incidental product modification including repackaging, reassembling or extracting byproducts, as is necessary to enable United States goods or services to conform with requirements of a foreign country and to facilitate their sale in foreign countries. 601 et seq.], which is a subsidiary of a bank holding company, may invest directly and indirectly in the aggregate up to 5 per centum of its consolidated capital and surplus (25 per centum in the case of a corporation not engaged in banking) in the voting stock of [2] other evidences of ownership in one or more export trading companies. 111–203, § 604(e)(1), substituted “unsound banking practices, or risk to the stability of the United States banking or financial system” for “or unsound banking practices”.

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