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“Better you use saya-awak when you speak n listen to me. Awak jangan ingat selama ni saya diam, saya tak kisah. I’m totally sick of you.” Kyra mengambil kontrak mereka yang disimpan dalam laci. Dia tak pandai lah makan makanan berlauk kat gerai. Dia tahu Kyra tak pandai makan kat tempat macam ni. Kata Yani, Kyra bukannya tak suka makan masakan kampung. Tapi Kyra tak pernah makan kat luar masakan kampung ni sebab dia tak pandai nak layan diri, tak pandai nak pilih lauk kat restoran macam ni.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder in which patients with this disease who eat gluten – containing grains have an immune response which severely damages cells in their small intestine.Celiac disease is diagnosed by blood testing for specific antibodies or biopsies of intestinal tissue. Those with celiac disease must avoid all of the gluten – containing grains.The majority of people with gluten – sensitivity do not have celiac disease.In the 1960’s, semi – dwarf, high – yield, disease resistant wheat hybrids were developed in response to famine and significant underproduction of food in highly populated, underdeveloped count ries.The success of these wheat hybrids led to their full commercialization in developed countries like the United States of America.

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