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Although the ambiance of the restaurant is a bit outdated in itself, nobody can deny the delicious product of its Portuguese food that is sure to live up to its name.But first, if you’ve just moved to Portugal, it’s important to gain an understanding of how the culture works - and this can be a time-consuming task, especially if you’re hoping to meet someone special.Indeed, what you might consider a romantic gesture in one country could be seen as unwelcome or rude in another.var captcha Img Attempts = 0; var allow Anon Comments = '0'; var registration Required = 0; var registration Optional = 1; var email Required = 1; var use Avatars = 1; var show Sign In Messaging = 0; var json URL = "/.services/json-rpc"; var captcha Src = "/.services/captcha?code_encrypted="; var alert Comment Cannot Be Blank = "You can not leave an empty comment.

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