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Examples of intended use are for quality control in the analysis of samples of a similar type, method development, arbitration and the calibration of equipment.

The homogeneity of the stock with respect to its gold, platinum and palladium was investigated using twenty-two bottles chosen according to the bottling sequence and a stratified random sampling scheme. Fire assay preconcentration was performed on a 10g-sample followed by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry.Twelve university, government, industrial and commercial laboratories submitted results.In 1994, thirty-three individual laboratories participated in the interlaboratory measurement program in an attempt to certify other elements.Up to 80 elements were analyzed by methods of each laboratory's choice.For gold and the platinum group elements, fire assay, multi-acid digestion followed by solvent extraction, gravimetric, inductively coupled plasma –optical emission spectroscopy, inductively coupled plasma – mass spectroscopy, graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy, direct current plasma spectroscopy, and neutron activation analysis were used.

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