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On the other hand if the guy calls and you sense sincerity the first time, find an excuse and ask him to call again.

If he does so and sounds even more sincere, then agree immediately if you are really interested in him.

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Part of a formal culture In Japanese culture, formality and ritual signs of respect are more highly valued as compared to the American social context.

Rather here couples engage in a more formal courtship since the end of relationships is usually considered to be a formal commitment like marriage.In fact traditionally women in Japanese society were expected to be demure, graceful and soft-spoken.And while Japanese women are an integral part of the public sphere now, they still prefer a feminine appearance over a pantsuits and faded jeans.This often leads them to be extremely polite about doing something which they may not want to in their hearts.So even if a first date has gone well and your Japanese partner has called you to go out again, the tricky part is to determine if he is sincere about it or if he is just being polite.

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