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Children are individuals and may want to participate in activities that happen throughout the week such as school band, sports, arts, scouts or various other programs not “church” related.

The world will not end if they miss a Wednesday night or (gasp) a Sunday.

We must give them permission to have bad days, not be faultless, mess up and hurt.

We must encourage them to be authentic and allow them to express feelings without fear of judgement.

Sometimes they feel like their problems are trivial or insignificant in comparison to the burdens their parents already carry for others.

“It’s hard to know my dad is not a normal father to me, everyone else is more important.” Being born as a preacher’s kid doesn’t make one a born again Christian.

Many preachers’ kids shared the unrealistic standards they were expected to live by, the consistent judgement and lack of grace.

They shared how every outfit they wore was scrutinized for modesty and acceptability.

Being a preacher’s kid is not a “burden” to be carried, it is the situation that God has put them in.The call of a preacher is both a dangerous and risky occupation.National studies show that 80% of preachers say the ministry “negatively affected their family.” So I made some phone calls, wrote some emails, and read hundreds of things preachers’ kids—both young (pre-teens, teens, and college students) and old (adults with families of their own)—wish the church knew.According to a research statistic by Barna Group, over a third of preachers’ kids abandon the faith.This should grieve us because we, as the church, share part of the responsibility.

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