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Access to birth control is typically more available to married women between the ages of 18 and 24.

In regards to women's understanding of safe sex practices in Honduras, the vast majority of adolescents understand how and where to obtain condoms and have knowledge of HIV/AIDS prevention, but only a third of the population have a full educational awareness of the virus itself.

Even with the improvements, there is still a long way to go in shrinking the gender gap that by the world's standards is very high.

In the 2011 Human Development Report, Honduras placed 121st out of 187 countries.

The overall comparison between the HDI and the gender inequality index would suggest that Honduras is performing better and progressing faster on gender issues than on general welfare.

These changes have come as a result of social and political shifts in opinion on the role of women in society.

When the agent would ask you whether had brought back any food from Honduras, you'd freak out; meanwhile, your father figured out at least 100 ways to disguise the , egg, cheese, tomatoes, and cabbage, it's as delicious as it is messy. In 2015, Honduras had a rate of 129 deaths/100,000 live births.Many of these deaths come as a result of unregulated and illegally performed abortions which leave the women at great risk for infection.This number is based on the average of statistics in three categories: reproductive health, empowerment, and economic activity.These statistics can give a general idea of how a country fares on gender issues relative to all 146 countries in the study, and also against other countries from the same region.

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