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All of this constituted a spiritual heart in David that was patterned after God's own heart.

David was not born with a spiritual heart, a heart that was after God's own heart, but studied God and His Word, worked at knowing God through daily prayer, and obeying His law, and through this growth gained God's favor and love. David's beginning life didn't begin the way of a heart that was after God's own heart, but began with the same heart we all are born with, an evil and desperately, wicked heart Jer.

David, by humbling himself before God His creator and submitting his life and conduct to obeying and living by God's law and Word, came to have a spiritual heart that was motivated and led by God's Spirit. 17: 9, that must be changed to, or converted to a spiritual heart in order to receive life.

David, through his early life, came to know God through His Word and understanding Him through obeying His laws and commandments.

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The spiritual heart is a heart of a spirit born child of God who has come to be converted by having a humble and contrite mind, and who has repented of breaking God's commandments with a set desire of his heart through the helping power of God's Spirit to always obey God and His commandments.

It is a heart that fears God and His judgment against sin.

By the opportunity of being alone in the wilderness and working with his father's sheep as a shepherd over those sheep, David learned many valuable spiritual lessons.

He came to see the need for repentance early in his life and could always quickly repent when he was shown he had broken God's commandments.

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