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The East end mob was studied intensively: each member was named, aged and sexed, and all gains and losses were recorded throughout the year.Less intensive observations were made of the Tank 1 and Ringbark hill mobs.During flight the hind feet produced a loud thump on the first few hops, an alarm signal shared with most other macropods.The principal predators on wallabies today are the introduced dingo and fox, which have replaced the marsupial wolf on the Australian mainland.Sexual checking of females and anoestrous courting were the most conspicuous interactions between adults.

They were most active at dawn and dusk, and of all the macropods yet studied, whiptails are the most diurnal.

Fertilization was apparently followed by two months of embryonic diapause.

Then gestation resumed for about one month so that the next young was born as soon as the previous joey vacated the pouch permanently at the age of 9 months.

Fights between males consisted of ritualized pawing bouts.

These bouts established a dominance hierarchy which functioned only to determine access to oestrous females.

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