Nyc dating coach yue xu

Singlefied is a hip, fun site offering dating advice for guys that is both entertaining and practical.

Aside from her work with Singlefied, Yue leads events for a fun community of NYC singles.

With her own coaching website entitled and a series of videos under her pseudonym Miss Singlefied on Youtube, the 31-year-old has established herself as one of a growing number of dating coaches in the US and China.

Name one thing right now that a feminist would criticize their gender for doing.To be a good dating coach, the two essential qualities are "good, active listening skills and a sociological mindset," said Xu, who has a double major in business and sociology."In a conversation, the first five minutes are essential because the person is verbally processing their thoughts, so their words have a lot of meaning in that short period of time," she said.I feel sorry for the man who attempts to engage feminists in intellectual debate with the hope of making them see the light or to understand reality.The following post was written by Yue Xu, Dating Coach, Dating Sociologist, and Founder of Singlefied.

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