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Most of the girls have day time occupations , which means that they only sell their bodies as a part-time venture. No wonder they can afford to live in decent houses and shop at nice places Majengo ya Nairobi There are plenty of Swahili ladies in this slum. The girls waist outside the brothels and when a customer comes, he gets to choose which girl he wants.

In the muddy houses of Majengo, it’s not only living that goes on. She then holds his hand, takes him through a corridor where he pays the pimp through a hole in a matope wall.

It’s a shame that some of these women have to open their legs to rugged customers in their squeezed houses in front of their kids. Here, the free-roaming prostitutes, begin their activities at around 5 pm in the evening. Normal ladies avoid it due to the fear of being labeled hookers.

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Apart from washing clothes for busy or lazy bachelors, they wash their groins too.After that it’s time to rumble Shauri Moyo This hood harbors plenty of bars and lodgings. The demand for sex is higher than a man who has smoked Maragoli weed. Even some barmaids sell their bodies as a side hustle.Traffic from bars to lodgings is ever high from around 10 pm every night.If you don’t respond to the provocations, they simple ask you straight up if you want some.Zimmerman The hood prostitutes of Zimmernan are well known.

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