Superbowl ads gay dating site

By agreeing to show an “uplifting” antiabortion ad and rejecting a Super Bowl-style ad (read: funny) for a gay dating site, CBS is already feeling the effects of its decision to air “advocacy” ads for the first time on Super Sunday.

Working in a tough advertising climate, CBS surprised many Americans by explaining a new policy on advocacy ads after news emerged that it had agreed to show an antiabortion ad featuring Florida QB Tim Tebow and his mom, Pam.

"It's not offensive and it's not racy." We do wonder, however, if someone's trying to say something about a certain aged quarterback who, once again, didn't quite make it. As always, we are open to working with the client on alternative submissions." Based in Ad Age's Chicago bureau, Jeremy covers alcohol and sports marketing, as well as Midwest agencies.

He prefers to field story pitches and press releases via e-mail.

In fact, the Man Crunch rep said that he believes that it is sure to go viral.

So perhaps the controversy will make the commercial more ubiquitous than a Super Bowl showing would.

When their hands meet inside a bowl of chips, they begin making out.

Mancrunch's attempt to land a Super Bowl spot has kicked up a ruckus online, where commenters upset about CBS's decision to air an anti-abortion ad starring football star Tim Tebow are howling about the network's alleged double standards because it won't air a spot showing two men kissing.According to Fox News, a CBS representative told Pop Tarts that spots were still open, so the situation is rather murky."Although the CBS Sales rep told us that it typically takes 24 to 48, hours it's been 11 days and although we follow up with CBS every day they keep telling us they're still reviewing it," said a Man Crunch rep.But even though CBS is trying to replace departed ad regulars such as General Motors, Pepsi and Fed Ex, the spokesman said Mancrunch has been told, as recently as Thursday, that there's no time available.The spokesman called that "discrimination." The ad shows two football fans watching a game, rooting for their teams.

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