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She has said that while she is close to the president, they still have to communicate via an interpreter because she speaks no English.She also had a poster for his first Senatorial election campaign, on which he had written “Habariuku Mama Sarah”, which is Swahili for “Hello Granny Sarah”.It's a riveting and at times amusing journey - and an education.For serious insights into how the global media world currently operates, I'd wholeheartedly recommend it.

I purchased this sub and amp kit for my 00" Mustang GT.

On 7 October 2013, The Guardian ran a piece by journalist Ian Katz about the experience of being played in this movie by Dan Stevens.

He pointed out that colleagues of his who were much more involved with the Wiki Leaks revelations did not feature in the film, but dryly wrote that it was flattering to be played by an "Aryan pin-up".

President Barack Obama has learned the obscure tribal language spoken by his father and his grandmother is looking forward to him visiting her and using it during his first state visit to Kenya in a few weeks' time.

President Obama's grandmother told Mail Online that he speaks and understands several phrases in the Luo language which is spoken in the remote hill-top village in western Kenya which the president's father, Barack, called home.

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