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I applaud your good efforts and note that our Blog would be far less interesting were you not an active participant. His children were students at the local public schools.

You inspire me to quote Evelyn Beatrice Hall, but I'm going to restrain myself. In Raleigh County, the county offices were closed from 1861 until the conflict was over in 1865.

Mike why do you think that I am defensive and shame others?

Some fought and supported the Confederacy in a war caused by numerous political and cultural differences with their northern neighbors. My grandfather was a blacksmith who came to Princeton to work in the Virginian shops.

Fred, you should be proud of your ancestors and heritage. My Dad graduated from Princeton High School and served in the US Navy during World War 2.

We can never know the depth of frustration,tension and disparate when our black friends and neighbors see statues of slave owning warriors who wanted to destroy the union When I was in Germany, I did not see a statue to Adolph Hitler. I also thought of the monuments in Richmond the feelings of contemporary blacks who viewed them I Did not make any references to Princeton WV.?? We were within 5 miles of the centerline of the eclipse so we experienced about 2 minutes of totality. The Nashville area had several thousand visitors to witness the eclipse. I do not think that white southerners realized the harm the slave owners did when they enslaved blacks,refused to provide them the rudiments of an education and segregated them from white society. Her ancesters SLAVED as farmers and carpenters several of whom came to this country in the late 1600s and early 1700s as indentured servants. A couple of days ago a woman I know extremely well posted something on Facebook that made me spit my coffee across the room.

The new push and current narrative by the progressive democrat party is to call the President and any conservative as supporting a "hate group" and therefore racist and facisist. Mike With all of the stuff going on Will they tear down the Washington,and Jefferson monuments in DC.? It was pretty spectacular and there was a significant temperature drop as darkness arrived. How would you feel if you could not try on a dress before buying it. MY Ballard ancestors were m embers of the Union army, FRED Her message is that her Hypes ancestors were soilders in the Confederate army, prisoners of war at Point Lookout in St. You will be "amused" to know they also fought in the Revolutionary War--on the right side for which I would hope your political leanings would approve. She is probably one of the most articulate people I know with an I. that is off the charts, college educated, speaks in grammatically perfect sentences and holds a highly respected position with a large corporation.

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