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It takes an expression representing a property and adds it to an internal collection.

In the Initialize method (lines 17-24), we use the Messenger to register for the Property Changed Message Base notification.

When an element is zapped by the electric current, it has the opportunity to come to life and do whatever it wants (i.e. That is pretty much how I think about routed events, except my complete mental model involves unicorns, robots, and laser beams, as seen in the diagram below: …just kidding.

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Can Execute() is an input parameter of type action, it can be a method that returns bool based on which binding updates to allow or block command execution.Once we have those two ideas defined, we can combine them and see what happens.In WPF, the visual elements that constitute a user interface form a hierarchical tree structure.To learn more about that concept, I recommend you read this article.In general, the term “route” refers to a path between two points in a network.

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